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Shanel Lindsay

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Shanel A. Lindsay is an attorney, activist, entrepreneur, and the Founder and President of Ardent Life, Inc., a Boston-based biotech and consumer device company focused on improving the science and medicine of cannabis. Shanel is the creator of the Nova Precision Decarboxylator, which regulates medical cannabis dosing, and the new Ardent FX, an all-in-one cooking, infusion and baking device. She has grown a global brand in Ardent Life and has received multiple patents for her inventions.



Destigmatizing Cannabis

A graduate of Northeastern University School of Law and the University of Pennsylvania, Shanel was an author of and spokesperson for the Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative (aka Question 4) and twice appointed to the Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board. She is also co-founder of Equitable Opportunities NOW! (EON), a non-profit that has successfully fought for equitable cannabis policies that benefit Black and Brown residents and communities disproportionately harmed by prohibition, as well as mentoring minority business owners entering the industry.



Cannabis for All

Before launching Ardent in 2015, Shanel was a medical cannabis patient suffering from chronic pain and inflammation caused by an ovarian cyst she developed after having her son. She soon discovered that using cannabis as an accurate medicine was almost impossible. Determined and motivated to find a solution, Shanel worked with scientists at MCR Labs and invented the NOVA Decarboxylator & Infuser, Ardent’s flagship product.

For more information on the NOVA Decarboxylator & Infuser and the new Ardent FX please head over to Shanel’s website



What does Shanel advocate for

Cannabis Science
Social Activism
Policy Equity


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