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Nolef Turns

Nolef Turns

Richmond, Virginia 

Nolef Turns Inc. is a public charity based in Virginia that works to decrease the prison population and reduce recidivism by supporting, empowering, and advocating for those who are most affected by crime, trauma, and incarceration. 

The organization has established a network of support resources for individuals with court and justice involvement, including currently and formerly incarcerated individuals, children of incarcerated parents, caregivers of those left behind when an individual is incarcerated, and the communities in which returning citizens live and work. These resources constitute Nolef Turns Inc.’s five primary offerings: 

  • Pre-Release Services: For those who are currently incarcerated and scheduled for release within 3-4 years, these services prepare an individual for a successful transition back into society. Services include educational and health assessments, trade certifications, home, and family care plans, and more. 
  • Re-Entry Services: For those within their first three years post-incarceration, these services help reduce crime and recidivism, strengthening an individual’s societal relationships and effective use of time. Services include basic needs referrals, mentor pairing, job readiness, and employment search assistance, restoration of civil rights, and more.
  • Post-Conviction Services: For those who served no prison time or are 3+ years post-incarceration, these services help individuals feel like they have a meaningful voice in society. Services include entrepreneurship programs, financial resources for education, housing, and business start-up, rebuilding strong family foundations, self-sufficiency goal setting, job networking, and more. 
  • After Care: For those who have worked within the Nolef Turns Inc. program and have successfully become self-sufficient, these services provide opportunities for individuals to remain productive members of society. Services include licensing and exam resources, expungement application assistance, mentee program, home ownership encouragement, community partners collaboration, and more.  
  • Family Support: For children of incarcerated parents, these resources provide a support system to ensure no child is left behind. Services include homework help groups, college prep groups, holiday help programs, family connections programs, trade/apprenticeship info groups, and more.  

In addition to these services, Nolef Turns Inc. is actively involved in advocating for legislation that positively changes the judicial system and empowers those affected by incarceration. Nolef Turns Inc. has led the Right to Vote Coalition for the past three years to fight for universal suffrage and founded the Virginia Expungement Council which successfully advocated for the VA first record-sealing bill in 2021.  

The Good Green grant will support Nolef Turns Inc.’s continued efforts to provide direct financial support, employment opportunities, and expanded legislation to foster positive transformation in the lives of those affected by incarceration. 

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