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Greyston Foundation

Greyston Foundation


Yonkers, NY
Since 1982, Greyston has worked to help individuals facing barriers to employment secure a job and improve their lives. Demonstrated by their Bakery, Greyston hires bakery apprentices through a process called Open Hiring®, which means no interviews, no background checks, and no resumes required.
Greyston is committed to creating thriving communities through the practice and promotion of Inclusive Hiring, a process that actively recognizes diversity and embraces a wide range of qualities and perspectives that candidates bring to an organization.


Knowing that a job alone is not enough to ensure success, Greyston offers innovative training, development, and wraparound social services, and the opportunity for individuals to unlock their full potential. Greyston makes an even greater impact by helping to educate individuals through our Workforce Development and Training programs. 

Greyston’s ten year vision is to help to meet the needs of some 10 million unemployed Americans who face barriers to employment and unlock $3 billion in economic development by partnering with businesses large and small to replicate Greyston’s Inclusive Hiring practices.
In 2020, Greyston announced their 10-year vision to provide employment opportunities to at least 40,000 of the ten million Americans facing barriers to employment. They’re scaling their mission and leading the effort to develop effective solutions that address the underlying causes of employment challenges. Through their new Greyston Employment Opportunity Center (GEOC), job seekers can access training and education programs, youth services, and transitional employment services. The GEOC also offers business services for employers interested in replicating inclusive hiring or who quickly need new skilled workers.
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