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Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change

Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change


Chicago, IL
Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change is a holistic service model involving the application of multiple evidenced- based programs designed to improve Community Capacity, Social Reformation, Social Justice, Economic Development and Policy Implementation largely for the Reentry population.
ECCSC strives to change the dynamic of trauma within black and brown communities by reducing recidivism and building strong families and organizations. They take responsibility head-on by proactively linking communities to a wide range of programs and resources. These include preventing violence at the source, positively impacting lives, and providing public safety and support where traditional emergency response has failed.

Although most ECCSC programs aim for universal appeal, addressing issues germane to the Re- Entry
population is critical in their program throughputs.  ECCSC recognizes prison reform and re-entry programs as a cornerstone of social change which deserves immediate attention to their efforts in changing the dynamic of trauma in their communities. The goal is to increase community capacity specific to the needs and opportunities for individuals re-entering into society.

Violence prevention, social services, life skills, and youth mentorship, are also at the forefront of ECCSC’s mission. Their strategy is to engage the community to mobilize and take a lead in identifying their highest priority and most significant risk. This results in adopting scientific methodologies to ensure successful program outcomes.
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