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Grant Richardson

Grant Richardson



We are excited to highlight Grant Richardson! Grant is a Co-Founder & Program Manager at the Illinois Cannabis Training Center (ICTC).


ICTC’S Mission 

When ICTC launched in 2019, the team quickly realized the difficulties in accessing opportunities within the cannabis industry. An industry that was failing to advance social equity and that was leaving communities most impacted by the War on Drugs behind.

As educators, the team at ICTC prioritizes the well-being of individuals and their passion for cannabis. The organization’s objective is to empower 100,000 individuals to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the cannabis sector. To achieve this, ICTC offers immersive training programs that produce highly skilled leaders and professionals within the industry.



The Need For ICTC Training and Educational Programs 

The War on Drugs has had a significant impact on Black and Brown communities, resulting in long-lasting social and economic disparities. The criminalization of drug use and possession has led to the disproportionate arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment of people of color, despite similar rates of drug use across different racial groups. This has led to the loss of economic opportunities, the erosion of social cohesion, and the perpetuation of cycles of poverty.

The legalization of cannabis presents an opportunity to address some of these imbalances by creating pathways to ownership and wealth creation. ICTC’s training and educational programs make it accessible to enter the cannabis industry. Thereby, creating opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate in the industry, bringing new perspectives, experiences, and ideas that can benefit the industry as a whole.


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